Yul-hee said that he married Choi Min-hwan.

On the 26th broadcast KBS2 ‘Happy Together 4’, Yul-hee appeared as a guest.

Yulhee Choi Min-hwan and her husband are opening their daily life through ‘Salim Nam’. Yul-hee said, “When I was married, I wanted to enjoy my honeymoon.” But when the baby came along and did not have time to clean up, I was living in the same building. ”

Yul-hee said, “Our house is a structure that can be seen from outside. It seems to be able to do affection. One day I was kissing and then I met my mother. After that, I set up a coronarium on the door to match my mother’s eye level, “said an anthology.

Yulihui recently also said that the story is also coming out, “I know my brother will not be, but I want to do something,” said. My brother told me to believe only. When I went to my parents’ house, I told my parents about me. My parents-in-law wept. There was a misunderstanding in the delivery process. ”

Yulhee said, “The crisis has brought us closer. Now I do not want to leave this house. ”

Yulhee also told her candid opinion about prenatal pregnancy. Yul-hee said, “My pregnancy was kept secret. I told my husband and my parents first and told my mom and dad, and as soon as my mom said, ‘I have a baby,’ I cried. ‘

Yulhee also said about the economic rights. Yihee said, “My mother-in-law has given me money. I am so confused because I do not have one. My brother first said, “I’m sorry, now you’ve got it.”

Yul-hee said, “I’m learning one by one from my mother-in-law. Before marriage, my brother spent 5 million won in pocket money, and now he is spending 500 thousand won. I was married, so I was getting better. ”

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