Yoon Ji Sung boasted a powerful ticket power by selling all musical “Days” in five minutes.

The 5th performance by Yun Ji-sung was sold out in five minutes in the musical “The Days of the Day” 2nd ticket reservation, which started on the 8th at 8 pm, proving the powerful ticket power of Yoon Ji-sung.

As the news of Yun Ji-sung’s “Days of the Day” became known, various portal sites and communities were filled with inquiries on how to make reservations for those days. It is also a rumor that fans who are sad after failing to get a ticket after the ticket reservation has begun to inquire.

An official of the production company Insight Entertainment said, “Not only the audience who has been watching musicals but also the fans who did not watch musicals due to the appearance of Yun Ji Sung are showing interest in the musical” “The actor is also practicing hard to show the stage with the responsibility for the stage, so please expect it.”

The musical “Days of the Day” is a jukebox musical composed of famous songs sung by the late Kim Kwang Suk. It deals with the mysterious event of ‘that day’ that disappeared 20 years ago, crossing past and present, with the Cheong Wa Dae security room as background.

Oh Jong Hyuk, Won Ju Wan, Nam Woo Hyun, and Yun Jung Sung were cast in the free soul martial arts station with Yoo Jun-sun, Lee Pil-mo, Eum Ki-joon, Choi Jae-woong, In addition, she is an unknown identity guard,

On the other hand, ‘Days of the Day’ will be performed in Seoul Blue Square Interpark Hall from February 22 to May 6.

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