Yoon Ji-sung prepares his first solo album to be released in February with the musical “Days of the Day”

The magazine “Elle” with this pictorial chic fashion and digest your own unique charm revealed. Especially, the deep eyes that laughed out laid a mood that I had never seen before. An official of ‘Elle’ said, “I was surprised at the natural and various poses.

In the interviews conducted together, I was able to get a true story of Yoon Ji-sung, a human being. When I asked about my personal experience, I said, “It’s a little awkward, and when I was working together, I was able to ask each other and get advice, but now I have to work alone. It’s also fun to experience that reflected process. ”

“I think it’s important to find out why you can support yourself. It’s important that you do not get things right, and if you listen to someone’s bad story, For some reason, my family, friends, and fans who give me unconditional love are the reason and the reason. ” In particular, Yun Ji Sung, who mentioned fans many times throughout the interview, said, “If I did not have fans, what would I be doing? I did not make my debut.

More interviews and more interviews with Star star Yun Ji-sung, which is expected to start a new year, can be found at the ‘Elle’ February issue (published on January 20th) and the ‘Elle’ website.

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