Yoon Ji-sung singer full of charm and attracted the hearts of viewers.

MBC Everlon ‘Weekly Idol’, which was broadcast on the 27th, starring Yun Ji-sung, who made his solo debut in Wanna One.

Jo Seo-ho said, “I heard many stories about Ji-sung’s resemblance to Gwang-hee. How did he feel?”

So, Yun Ji-sung said, “I heard a lot of Mr. Gwang-hee when he was in the service of the army.” “I do not think there should be someone who comes in if there is a person who left, so I tried to do it once but I did not play better than I thought.”

“I want to do it now.” If there is a day when Mr. Kwang Hee vacates the MC position, please call me right away.

Jo Seo-ho then asked me to introduce the song, saying, “Ji-sung has a song that Mr. Dae-hui presented in his first solo album.” Yoon Ji Sung said, “Thankfully, Dahyu gave me a piece of music. It is a song called ‘Comma’, but I wrote it for the first time when I was born.”

Nam Chang-hee asked Yun Ji-sung to call Lee Dae-hui, saying, “So I prepared a telephone connection with Mr. Dahui.” Yoon Ji Sung called upon Lee Dae-hwi and the vocal voice of Lee Dae-hui resounded.

Lee Dae-hui gave the song to Yun Ji-seong, saying, “Ji-sung loves his brother’s voice very much. He thought he would give a gift to his first solo album. He said, “He said.

Nam Chang-hee invited Lee to say, “Give me a word with Lee Dae-hui.” Yun Jung-sang said, “Yes, Vajah, I really want you to be happy.” Lee Dae-hwi said, “Suddenly? I do not want to get out of the air.

However, it is said that it is a success that if the story to be sent to the brother of the rice (Yun Ji Sung Fandom person) is delivered whatever the result, sent. Lee Dae-hui said, “When I debut, it’s a secret, but I can tell you this.

Yoon Ji-sung told the story behind the nickname “Geelong”. He said, “In fact, the members of Warner One have a cute nickname, for example,” Dipi “of Dahu,” Woo-woo “of the voice actor, It was ‘earthworm’, but it was transformed into ‘Keelung’ in the desire to be cute.

Yoon Ji-sung has been living in Gosiwon since he was 16 years old. He said, “I was originally a frozen food specialist, but sometimes I wanted to feel the taste of my mother’s mom, and then I introduced the white stir-fried kimchi to me. Looking at the image of Yun Ji-seong, who showed his brilliant cooking skills, 3MC revealed his expectation, saying, “It is really delicious.”

However, Hwang Kwang-hee said, “It’s too weaved. What is this?” Yoon Ji-sung stole 3MC’s mind with a rich expression. He completed the Jessie ‘Shinna’, ‘Nyuye Nyule’, ‘Sneaky’ and so on with perfect acting power. Yoon Ji Sung, who starred in MBC ‘The Masked Wang’ as ‘This song I picked up’, showed another charm with a sweet voice with Kim Dong-Ryul ‘old song’ Yoon Ji-sung is proud of the hand of the island island, and is aiming at hand cream CF.

He said, “In fact, it is famous for its beautiful hand, so I would like to take a hand cream ad.” So Jo Se-ho suggested “Let’s try a hand cream CF like us once.” Immediately, Gwang-hee gang Daniel and Jo-se-ho transformed into Lee Dae-hui. He then applied hand cream to the hands of Kwang-Hee and gave him a massage.

In ‘Back to the Debut’, he presented ‘Nayana’, which was released in Mnet ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ (‘Fdu 2’), as a solo. He has been wearing the uniforms he wore at ‘Fdu 2’, and he showed dancing with his old days and 100% sync rate.

Yoon Ji-sung released a new song ‘In the Rain’ on the 20th.

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