MBC ‘I-mong’ Lee Yewon – Jung Tae-tae’s nighttime hug is caught and attracts attention. Two people who are attracted to each other rather than gaze at each other with a moist look, feel splendor and feel sad.

MBC special project ‘Ionmong’ (directed by Yoon Sang-ho / playwright Jo Kyuwon) is a spy action drama performed by Korean Lee Do Young (born in the hands of the Japanese) and Kim Won-bong (Yoo Tae-min) The hot lives of re-enacting independent fighters and the deeply ingenious performance of the actors are raising audience’s enthusiasm.

Lee Young-jin and Kim Won-bong in the last 5-8 episodes have started to cooperate with each other hiding their intentions. The two men went to Manchuria to meet Yoo Tae-jun (Kim Tae-woo) who was the target of all as the center of the Comintern Fund, and he wondered about the future development with his success in the tangent line.

In particular, Lee Young-jin and Kim Won-bong, who are angry at the gruesome figure of the wounded who were attacked by the Kwandong army at this time, are caught, and there is a growing interest in independence movements in Manchuria following Kyungsung-Shanghai. Among them, the two stills are covered with two shots of Lee Yo-won (Lee Young-jin) and Yoo Tae (Kim Won-bong), who look at each other with warm eyes. Lee Ji-won, who warmly embraced his hand with his hands, warmly welcomes his two eyes. Moreover, the two robbed each other with a grimy two-shot hugging each other. However, within a short period of time, Lee Jae Won and Jung Tae-tae, both of whom have a keenness and a shy expression, are caught, raising questions about what is happening.

This is Lee Yewon-Ji-tae, who returned to Changseong after passing through Shanghai-Manchuria. Above all, Iyewon-Yoo Tae-tae will unite as a common goal of independence in spite of their different beliefs. There is a growing interest in the two people to start full-fledged cooperation.

MBC ‘E-moon’ production team, “Lee Yawon – Yoo Tae Woo (Yoo Tae Jun) will meet with the solidarity through the encounter,” said Lee Yiwon – born in a strong relationship with the full cooperation will start the different beliefs I hope you can look forward to the story of two people who threw themselves for independence. ” MBC special project ‘I-mong’ directed by Yoon Sang-ho directed ‘Lee Iwon’, ‘Iris’ series,’ Lee Ji Won – Yoo Ji Tae – Im Ji Hwan – Nam Kyu Ri – Hur Sung Tae – As soon as it is shown in the movie theater, it is gathering high topic.

On Saturday, September 18, 9-12 will be broadcast continuously at 9:05 pm.

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