Jennie, the girl group Black Pink, released her first solo song on November 12th as ‘SOLO’.

YG Entertainment has unveiled its first single credit poster at 10:30 am on the 27th on its official blog. Jenny in the poster gives her a charming face with her face and intense eyes.

‘SOLO’ was written by Teddy, a hit song maker who worked on all the songs since the debut of Black Pink. Teddy and 24 were also composing.

This is a hip-hop song with an appropriate pop element. In addition, the introductory and straightforward lyrics added to the beautiful chords of the introduction and the simple melody line will capture the listeners’ ears at once.

In particular, you can see two images of Jennie, a soft girl coexisting inside and outside, and an independent and strong woman.

Previously, Yang Hyun-seok, YG representative producer, said through his social networking channel, “First, Jenny’s solo piece will be released, and next it will be rosé solo. The biggest advantage of the Black Pink is disclosing that has a cohesion as four members are outstanding skills as a solo solid team in order said, “was also heralded the future activities of the Black pink.

The started the first solo work of members the first solo Jenny is coming to the public for the first time in the first concert of black pink Korea to be held in March 10 and 11, the 11th, the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics stadium.

Come to showcase Jennie May 12, the 11th disruptive music Morpher is attention of the music industry, fans from already .

Meanwhile, Jennie ‘s Black Pink recently announced the signing of a US presence by working with InterScope Records, the label of the world’ s largest Universal Music Group. As a partner of Universal Music Group, YG Entertainment, which has strengths in Asia, plans to make various global projects in the future.

In addition, ‘Boombahya’ music video surpassed 400 million views on YouTube on the 23rd. Breaking the debut song’s first 400 million views, Black Pink retained 3,000,000 video music videos and replaced them with the largest number of men and women in the group.

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