In the 60th MBC daily drama ‘Yongwangnam Bowhasa’ broadcasted on Wednesday 17th, Shim Chung Lee (Lee So Yeon), who regained his memory of childhood lost, decided to find out about his biological parents’ (Park Jeong-hak), but the impact of the shock reversal testifying that the main embezzlement of public funds was predicted.

Ma Yeong-in (Omihyun) asked Goyeojung (Baek Boran), “Is Shimchung interested in the beautiful island?” And Goyojong replied, “The seed I have sought from China, the same thing Shim Chung had.” It implies that there was a story between father of the father, Sungjae (the dinner) and Shim Chung ‘s father, Ji – hwan (imho).

After being attacked by a freak and recalling his childhood memories, Simchong is determined to learn about his biological parents. Shim Chung says, “I think I had an accident. I want to know what kind of accident happened to my biological parents.”

On the other hand, Seo Pil is reported that Baek Si-joon (Kim Hyung-min) escapes from the troubled troops sent by Seo Pil-do and falls into the river. So, he tells his secretary, “If you have a corpse, dead mother committed suicide.”

“I am a victim, too.” He insisted, “I am going to reveal the fact that I am a vice president of Suh. However, the reason for the emergency board meeting is that I am the president of Macto Do,

‘Yongwangbangbuhasa’ is a modern version of Shim Chung’s story, in which a woman with an ‘absolute vision’ who reads thousands of colors of the world sees a pianist who only sees the world in black and white, shares the beauty of love and life, and finds the secrets of her lost father It is broadcasted at 6:50 pm on weekdays in a green drama.

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