The first complete live broadcast of X-Yuan was held at 9 pm V on 22nd.

After the ‘Produce X 101’, the members of X-YEN who started broadcasting the first time continued their self-introduction. This one is in charge of power sexy. I will be good at doing well and hard at all. “Kim Woo-suk said,” It’s Kim Woo-suk who is in charge of everything in X-Yuan. I will show you everything in the future. Han Seung-woo said, “Thank you for letting me stay here for my ‘eldest’ Han Seung-woo. Cho Seung-yeon said, “It’s Cho Seung-yeon, who plays the fragrant scent. I will go as close as I can to the scent.

Sohn Dong-pyo said, “I am going to go to a lot more people as I became a member of X-won after my efforts.” Lee Eun-sang said, “It is Lee Eun-seon who is in charge of Cutty sexy of X-Yuan. Song Hyung-joon said, “It’s a vitamin, Song Hyung-jun of X-Yuan, and I will show you charm and other charm like vitamins.” Namdo-hyeon is “Namdo-hyeon, who is in charge of the filming of X-won, and will work hard as she has a great opportunity.” Cha Jun-ho said, “I am Cha Jun-ho, who is in charge of the right shoulder. Kim Yoo-han said, “I’m Kim Yoo-han, who plays the deceitful character of X-Yuan, I made his debut in X-Yuan, and his age is the middle of the year. Kang Min-hee said, “It is Kang Min-hee who is in charge of the playground in X-Yuan. We will lead our team well as a fun team.” Kim Woo-suk said, “I am very happy to announce that I will be conducting my debut show at Gochek Dome on August 27.” “I will work hard as it is a rare opportunity to meet fans directly.” Han Seung-woo said, “I am prepared to make a good memory as it is a great opportunity to perform in such a big performance hall. I would like you to come to see a lot of people.” Next, X-One’s leader selection ceremony was held.

Kang Min-hee said, “I do not have to say anything, I believe and see him.” Kim Yo-han also expressed his confidence that he is “always our leader.”

Son Dong-pyo said, “I think I have the same level of dad as my father, so I would like to be a leader. I want to be a father of 10, but my youngest son is my favorite.” Kim Woo-suk said, “I thought I was excellent at that time when I was a leader in the same team while doing ‘Produce’. I would like you to show a good sense of responsibility as a leader of our team.” Cha Joon-ho said, “I came to know the leadership power which was ignorant while doing 4 stages together. I thought that this person was good as a leader, and there were many parts that were willing.” Lee said, “I have always watched, but I have so much leadership.” Song Hyung-joon said, “I am also my eldest brother and take care of me well and lead me well. Cho Seung-yeon said, “I played a team together, and it seemed to lead my brother well and lead me to a good direction when playing the stage.” Lee said, “I have a sexy face that I like, and as I have seen in the broadcast, I think I will be very good at the leader, so I picked this one.” Namdo explained ” Han Seung-woo’s ticket went to Jo Seung-yeon. Han Seung-woo said, “Songs, dances, vocals,

Han Seung-woo, who became a leader after receiving the support of other members, said, “Thank you for giving me a precious vote, and I will try to lead you by becoming a leader who moves first.” “I think I have 10 sons, I already have a headache,” and laughed. The show, which was the first full version after the ‘Produce X 101’, set a record of breaking 2 million viewers and exceeding 200 million hearts ahead of the end. Han Seung-woo said, “I will give you good news in the future. I will give you good news.

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