‘WATCHER’ ​​Watcher Han Seok-kyu, Seo Kang-jun, and Kim Hyun-joo sent viewers’ impressions and final observation points to the viewers who gave generous praise before the final meeting.

OCN’s original ‘WATCHER’ ​​(director Ahn Gil-ho, drama Han Sang-woon, production studio Dragon / ‘Watcher’) has only left two times until the final episode. Watcher was praised for completing the psychological thriller of another dimension by depicting the desires and psychology of the characters hidden behind the incident. Han Seok-gyu, Suh Kang-jun and Kim Hyun-joo, who had a strong suspense and held an enormous suspense every time, expressed their encouragement and testimony of the final broadcast ahead of the final meeting.

Han Seok-gyu has been thrilled by the deceased investigative team chief Tochi-gwang, who captures the bad police. He said that making a living and breathing character is his homework. “I know that viewers have supported and encouraged me a lot, as I’ve done my best to complete the ‘watcher’, which is not the case center.” I thanked you. “Don’t miss the end of the irrational team, what kind of choices will be made to face the truth that has been chasing for a while,” he raised the question to the unpredictable ending.

Seo Gang-joon, who has earned a lot of praise and gained rave reviews, also gave a warm greeting. “I am very grateful to the viewers who loved and cheered on ‘Witzer’ and thanked the directors, writers, staff and fellow actors who had suffered during their lifetime as Kim Young-gun.” “It was a secret and a lot of stories, so I was curious about how it would be seen by viewers. I was very happy because many people loved me. The cluttered clues that will be revealed. “Watch me until the end of what you’re going to choose,” Yeung-gi, “he said.

Kim Hyun-joo, who was the only outsider of the corruption investigation team, gave birth to all-time characters by carefully weaving emotions. Kim Hyun-joo, who used to be a powerful joker who could turn the plate at any time or make a new one, said, “Through this work, I thought it was time to look back on myself while thinking about human diversity and multi-facetedness. I will try to fill it with the hearts of the viewers I love and to be a better person and actor. ” “The past and the truth of the investigation team was revealed on the surface of the water. The three people who pursued the truth will make choices. Please watch the fate of the investigation team until the end. ”

Meanwhile, 15 episodes of OCN’s internal inspection thriller ‘Watcher’, which is only two times before Jong Young, will be broadcast today at 10:20.

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