The ‘Uracakha Waikiki 2’ youth team delivered a warm-hearted authentication shot and a final watch point ahead of the last inning.

The JTBC drama ‘Raecha Cha Waikiki 2’ (Directed by Lee Changmin, Kim Ki-ho, Song Ji-eun, Songmyung, Seo Dong-bum, Produced by Csez Entertainment, Drama House) Back in Season 2, ‘Waikiki’ has been responsible for the vitality of viewers by adding unmatched sultry smiles, youthful empathy, and a thrill to this. The farewell to the youth group who upgraded ‘Honey Jam’ with hot rolling which does not buy the body makes the last page of the youth story expect at the same time with the regret. So, I showed Kim Seon-ho, Lee Ji-kyun, Shin Hyun-soo, Moon Ge-young, An Soh-hee and Kim Ye-won

Kim Sun-ho, who showed a crazy but incomprehensible charm, said, “It’s been a while since I have finished my journey for about 5 months and I am approaching the end. I do not realize that I do not often see actors and staffs who have been watching with my face every day. ” “It was a time to grow a lot. It is likely to remain in my mind for a long time because it is a work that laughs and happily laughs all over the shooting. I am really grateful to the viewers who have supported the Waikiki youth in the meantime. ” As the first love show for Su-Yeon (Moongyeong min), he is showing interest in the end of romance of Su-yeon (Kim Sun-ho) and Su-yeon. He added, “I would like to see if the Waikiki youths, including Koki Lee, can catch both the dreams and love rabbits, and what will happen to them in the last episode.”

Lee Kyung Lee, who has been hard-driving as Waikiki’s official smile cheetkie for two seasons, as saying “Waikiki is this Lee Kyung”, revealed a sad feeling toward Lee Jun Ki, “The love of a friend called Junji is hard to express in words. He is a loving and loving friend, so it is the end of the feeling that is different from the season one. I would be grateful if you could love me and watch me. “He added,” I will always be there with you. ” It is a life of wisdom, but it gave a deep smile and sympathy to a pleasant challenge to a dream, and Jungei will be remembered for a long time by Lee Kyoung ‘s “Life Cage”. Finally, Lee said, “The drama is going to end, but please see how the Waikiki youth will live and see how the relationship will be organized within them.”

Shin Hyun-soo, who gave a fresh smile through Kookibong Station, played a big role as ‘Navel Stiller’. Hyun-soo Shin said, “It’s time for me to have memorable moments while I was with five friends at Guest House Waikiki. It is a sad ending and a longing heart. “I think it would be the same minds who loved” Wa-kikawa 2 “. In the last broadcast, Gibong (Shin Hyun-soo) and Glass (Kim Ye-won), who are on their first date of extreme careers, are in full-fledged romantic mode. “In what direction will their dreams and love of six friends be developed? I hope you will be able to keep up with your secret love without being seen by your friends. ”

This season, three-person, three-color female characters, who are united by personality, also attracted attention. “It was already six months since I joined the ‘Warakata Waikiki 2’ team I met in November last year,” said Moon Gyeong-young, The last shot is incredible and I do not feel well. The guesthouse is so familiar that it seems like we should keep moving on. ” “Thank you for smiling, crying and sympathizing with us so far. Waikiki members who have been running so hard for the last time will be able to bear fruit until the last time together, “he did not forget to encourage the shooting. Soo-yeon, who had run away from a messed-up wedding hall and buried her body in Rebecca’s life, was twisted. Whether her life, from the start of Waikiki to the reporter’s challenge, will be able to find her place again.

Ahn Hee – hee said, “I am very happy to be able to work with a good bishop, a writer, staffs, and actors. I am grateful to many people who have helped me from the preparation period to the shooting process. I think it was a time when I could grow on my own. And most of all, I would like to thank all viewers who have watched for two months. ” Ahn Soh-hee, who showed a transformation to Jung Eun, who has a clumsy personality and Ojirapur-type crush face, has taken a comic posture with the comic acting and Lee Jin-chul’s kimchi. Ahn Hee-hee said, “The episode of the 6 guesthouses of guest house Waikiki has not finished yet,” he said.

Kim said, “I would like to say thank you to everyone who made ‘Wa’ “I want to be remembered as a form of youth that can smile to the viewers with the characters of Waikiki 2 and the actors who played them.” Spare the car! Fighting! “And sent a message of cheer to the youth. Kim won a hard career with Kim Ji-sung’s unconventional acting ability and Shin Hyun-soo’s cheerful couple Kimi. “Looking back, it was not so long, but I think that you felt the joy of seeing the various sides of youth through each person. Many stories will be unfolding in the future. I would like you to send the applause of the cheer to the ‘Worak Tea Waikiki 2’ youth who has a passion and a passion of heart that will not be tired, and to share the last stories of six people who will once again open a new beginning. ”

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