Coming Wed the 22nd 21:00 first broadcast MBC new trees miniseries “bombam (director Ahn Pan-seok / a play Kim / Producer second yieseu Pictures) in one person, as well as romance figures of the pole, the relationship with the inner surface with one person sex that also it will be drawn very realistic feeling.

The protagonist yijeongin (Han Ji Min minutes) and her sister up the (imseongeon minutes), brother yijaein (residents 1000 minutes) ssolrinda interested in the story of three sisters. Vocational degrees, this value is also curious is gathered out of this life unfolding each of the three people in a wide variety michilji yet affect any picture and for each other.

First, the station announcer yiseoin the cider does not say his brother yijeongin working as a librarian in person always been the perfect role the firstborn through the heart. What’s more if yiseoin a master of restraint and patience, yijeongin puts the words he named as figures placed the greatest value on buying the desired life really two people love and marriage share any stories are expected to know this is a nod to the audience of the head .

On the other hand, the youngest graduate yijaein jinyeotda is a spontaneous and bold personality as the owner of a free spirit. Especially from those two sisters we are clearly want to go the other way to really notice what she’s diary unique fun selected length.

Thus, each of three sisters with different color and texture be drawn in realistic life and feelings convey to the audience the mind waves, and it more immersive high Han Ji Min (yijeongin station), imseongeon (close the station), residents around (yijaein versa) the delicate smoke has been waiting for.

Meanwhile, MBC new drama ‘bombam’ is one spring, both men and women is the first broadcast Wednesday 9 pm May 22 comes to romance drama full of excitement to visit the love.

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