Song Min-ho of the group winner won the music charts with the title song “ANAKE” of the solo album and established the position as a solo artist.

Song Min Ho’s first full-length album released at 6 pm on March 26The title song ‘ANAXE’ on the 27th at 9:00 am as the largest music site in Korea, including Mellon, Mnet, Ole music, the Bucks, Soribada, Jeannie, the top six charts.

SongYG Entertainment’sfirst solo album, Song Minho, who wrote the song and composition without subtracting one song from the 12 songs, made a soft landing with success in the chart-top (100th place) as well as the title song ‘

Especially, Jenny, who is a junior black pink junior in the same company, won the first and second place along side, proving YG ‘s sound source power. Song Minho was also popular with iTunes in the world.

Album has been ranked number one on the iTunes album charts in 17 countries worldwide, including Argentina, Bolivia, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. ‘Anakin’ also ranked # 1 on the nine regional song charts.

I was interested in Song Minho’s first solo album, which was a guide to the US Billboard. Billboard said Monday that Song Min Ho of Winner has returned to a new genre of hip-hop with a trot-like element. “The music video, inspired by a traditional Korean culture, is impressive,” he added.

‘Ahn’ s melody using electronic organ mainly sampled the popular song ‘Soyanggang Maiden’ in the 1970 ‘s. And I liked to express my love to my partner ‘Anna’ or ‘Blue Bird’.

Song Minho, who has caught the crowd with his first solo piece in his debut five years, will appear in JTBC , which is broadcasted at 6:30 pm on December 27, and will show a different attraction from the stage.

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