Group Winner Kim Jin-woo has released various stories related to the activities.

On the 14th, a joint interview was held to commemorate Kim Jin-woo’s first solo single album ‘JINU’s HEYDAY’ at a cafe in Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 14th.

Kim Jin-woo, born in 1991, looked back over the past 30 years and said, “I think I lived well.

Kim Jin-woo, who expressed his dream of “I want to do a movie” besides singer activities, said, “I don’t like pure things. I like dark and scary things.

After joining the military, Kim Jin-woo said that WINNER will be mainly focused on solo activities.

The reason I chose a movie that was not a drama or a musical was because “there is a long shooting period.”

WINNER is still living in the hostel. Kim Jin-woo said, “It would be better to live separately.” “I think it’s better to be together.

When asked questions about public love, I honestly said, “Wouldn’t you do it later?”

Kim Jin-woo’s solo debut title song ‘CALL ANYTIME’ is a pop genre that emphasizes sweet melody and rhythmic bass with wit lyrics expressing love feelings. WINNER member Song Min-ho showed off his strong loyalty by actively participating in the song work, including featuring.

Announced at 6 pm on this day.

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