Winner Kim Jin-woo debuted a solo album after five years of debut, and counted down the album release with fans.

Kim Jin-woo held ‘JINU’s HEYDAY Countdown Live’ through Naver V Live at 5 pm on the 14th.

The first corner of the broadcast was ‘Concept Board Talk’. Kim Jin-woo unveiled the spoiler for the album, looking at the pictures attached to the concept board.

First, Kim Jin-woo looked at the album poster in the form of a magazine and said, “I caught the concept well. Kim Jin-woo said that the album was produced as a magazine concept.

Following the album ‘JINU’s HEYDAY’, “The prime time means the best time. Now, I can say that it is the heyday, and I can prepare another prime time through this album. I liked it. ”

The title song ‘Totto’ is also explained. Kim Jin-woo explained, “It is a song of the pop genre, and Min-ho wrote and composed the song. Participants participated in the lyrics.

After the music video making video was released, Kim Jin-woo expressed his feelings of challenging solo after 5 years of his debut.
As you’ve always been with four members, there’s a lot of space available.

Kim Jin-woo said, “I spent the whole night shooting a music video, but I thought Minho was too hard. Especially because I was alone. “Yeah, seungyun helped me with Thor. It was so powerful and thankful.”

Originally,Kim Jin-woo tried to connect with member Song Min-ho. Song Min-ho was featured in “ Tottoto ” and participated in the lyrics and composition. Kim Jin-woo shouted as soon as Song Min-ho received the call, “It’s hard. I can’t do it alone.” So Song Min-ho said, “I realized that the team is important? It’s like a child at the water’s edge.”

Kim Jin-woo asked how he felt when he asked for feature. Song Min-ho said, “That’s a question. Of course I didn’t want to do it. I’m joking,” and then “It’s a matter of course. You can do it. Thank you. It’s weird. “It turned out to be warm.

Lastly, Song Min-ho sent a message of support to Kim Jin-woo, “I’m worried like my son, but I’m looking forward to knowing that I’m still a potential person.

Kim had a time to answer the fans’ questions and listen to them. Kim Jin-woo responded to the time when “Tottoto” is a good time to answer, “It can be a night, and when the day is sunny, you can listen.

In addition, I asked the question “What do you hate? ㅋ ㄴ ㅇ sweat sweat.” I liked this lyrics. I liked this lyrics.

The goal of this activity was “I spent a lot of time with my fans, I got a lot of shows on the air.

Finally, Kim confirmed that the number of V live hearts exceeded 440, and he said, “Thank you so much for the inner circle.” After the countdown, the music video of ‘Totto’ is released.

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