The group winner members Jinwoo Kim,” I four weeks to beef wiener members, “he said.

Kim Jin-woo appeared as a guest on MBC’s standard FM radio ‘Idol Radio,’ which aired on August 19.

Kim Jin-woo released his first solo single ‘JINU’s HEYDAY’ on the 14th. The title song ‘CALL ANYTIME’ is a pop genre that harmoniously combines wit lyrics expressing delicate love feelings, sweet guitar melody and rhythmic bass. WINNER member Song Min-ho participated in featuring, writing lyrics, and composing. CHOICE37, ZAYVO and HAE also started to support as writers and composers. Thanks to the hot attention of music fans, it ranked # 1 in the iTunes charts in 13 regions of the world.

Kim Jin-woo expressed his appreciation that WINNER member Song Min-ho participated in writing, composing, and featuring in the process. He also directed the winner leader Kang Seung-yun and said that all the winner members participated in the recording. Jung Il-hoon asked the members if they were willing to give back, and Kim Jin-woo promised to buy beef.

On that day, WINNER leader Kang Seung-yun was surprised by a telephone connection to support the eldest brother, Kim Jin-woo. “I’m a fan. I’m a fan, but I’m a fan.”

DJ Jung Il-hoon asked, “When did you become a fan?” Kang Seung-yun said, “I was a fan cheering for Team A since ‘WIN’,” and “I think Jinwoo’s voice is the best. I’m a fan of Jinwoo’s voice.”

Kang Seung-yun explained the charm of Kim Jin-woo, “If you feel like your brother’s voice, it’s clear, pretty, and beautiful, and you have the power to heal something.”

Kim Jin-woo said, “Thank you so much. I’m more nervous.” Jung Il-hoon asked, “Isn’t it often heard?” Kim Jin-woo laughed, “Come, just help me. Kim Jin-woo added, “I thought it was Seungyun at first, but I wanted to get it.

Kang Seung-yun told Kim Jin-woo, “Jin-woo’s brother is doing so well so don’t be too burdened. Why do you keep falling like this?” Conveyed a message.

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