‘Idol Room’ in group Winner Kim Jin-woo and Song Minhoo live in a house confessed to meet in three months.

Winner members Kang Seung-yoon, Lee Seung-hoon, Song Min-ho, and Kim Jin-woo appeared in the JTBC entertainment program “Idol Room”

Kim Jin-woo and Song Min-ho said they met outside in three months. Song Min-ho said, “Recently, (Kim) Jin-woo installed a TV in the room and did not leave the room.

MC Jun Hyungdon asked, “Have Minho been suspected of being a wall?” Kim Jin-woo said, “I like lighting, but there is no light in the room. Recently, Minho made a workshop and asked if there was any light left.

Song Minho said, “I bought all the lighting for my work room with a fastball, and I did not give it to the person who originally gave me a light on the personality of Jinho.” The whereabouts of the light were left as unknown.

WINNER recently made a comeback with their latest mini album “We” and title track “Ah Yeah.”

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