Winner’s new mini album ‘WE’ won the first place on the 16th in the weekly chart of QQ music digital album sale daily chart and the weekly chart of the biggest music site in China on the 16th. QQ Music is China’s leading digital music service, with a monthly audience of 400 million users.

Winner is also ranked # 1 on paid digital album sales daily charts and paid digital album sales weekly charts for Kuju Wu Music and Kuucho Music, another large Chinese music site in China.

Winner of ‘Listen to Believe’ did not stop here. The title song ‘AH YEAH’ has been on the top of six real-time charts for two days, including Melon, Mnet, Naver, Genie, Ole and Bucks.

In addition, this mini album ‘WE’ took first place on 19 iTunes album charts including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.

The title song ‘Aye’ is a ‘Winner Summer Dance Song’ with an impressive lyrics and addictive hooks that express the feelings of a sober farewell. It has been popularized by the light farewell song that was created by sublimating realistic farewell sensitivity into the pleasant energy of Winner.

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