A cool summer man winner decorated the cover of the magazine ‘High-cut’.

Winner released a picture full of coolness through Star Style Magazine ‘High Cut’ issued on the 7th. The cover was decorated with a cell phone that four members directly took on a smart phone. The cute expression on the face, which is located in a narrow screen, has caused ‘virtue’.

In the picture, he showed a cover and another professional appearance. For the pictorial concept of a virtual vacation, I wore bright colors, generous costume of clothes, and accessories with charm. Lee Seung-hoon, who made a dynamic scene with free movement, Song Min Ho posing as if dancing to the background music, Kim Jin-woo, who worked on small balls skillfully, and Kang Seung-yun’s cut, who created an emotional atmosphere filled the floor with a different atmosphere.

In the interview after the filming, I asked what was the most troublesome thing in producing the main album of this album. “In fact, every artist will keep dragging the elements that were good in the existing music every time a new album comes out, The theme song of the lyrics is “farewell”, while the theme of the lyrics is “Keeping the bright and cheerful atmosphere” As I caught on, I kept Winner’s color, but I tried to go about the approach to farewell differently. ”

Thank you for the fans. He said, “If you do not see the truth, it’s a forgotten thing, but even if you’ve been there for a while, it’s still the best time to be there, rather than one side giving you love. I try, and my fans support it. ”

Minho said he was looking for a recent movie reaction. He said, “If I winner, I think ‘Summer’ is coming up. After the new album came out, I looked like a movie with a lot of reaction. It was really funny. He said, “Summer has come,” or “King of Summer,” for Bunny Winner’s songs.

When Jin Woo asks whether Winner members will be stronger each other, “When you sympathize? When your mind is hit”, especially when you are in the slightest thing, that is right and wrong, and when these opinions are naturally the same at any moment Fabulous and become another force called “daphamyeo prayed to reveal affection.

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