If you need a coronavirus test for travel, you might be wondering where you can get one, what type of test you’ll need to take, how long it will take to get an appointment (and wait for results) and what it will cost.

What type of coronavirus test do you need?

There are many different types of testing for coronavirus, and the devil is in the details if you need a test for travel.

What you’ll usually need for travel is a PCR test (polymerase chain reaction). These are the most reliable tests for detecting active COVID-19 infections and are considered the current “gold standard” of tests. We’ll focus in this guide only on those sites that are providing these more accurate PCR tests, though keep in mind that some destinations — like Hawaii — only accept PCR tests from a specific list of testing providers.

Where you can get a COVID-19 PCR test


Monday – Friday:9 AM- 5 PM

2060 Marengo Street Los Angeles, CA 90033

Phone: +1 323-576-2528


Monday – Friday: 8 AM ~ 8 PM

16902 Millikan Ave Irvine, CA 92606

Phone:+1 949-527-9010

Some rapid PCR testing options include:

Saturday& Sunday: Appointments only and extra fees

Other services:

• Expedite: Within 6 hours ($180)

• Sports Team/Group/Organization/Company/School: contact the center for more information Phone: +1 949-527-9010

                                 Email: test@sierrabiolab.com

How long will test results take to arrive?

You will receive your data within 24 hours via email and phone, available in pdf file to print at home before your departure.

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