Joe Buster, a game company that was hit by the bankruptcy crisis at the time of the breakup of the decomposition company, decided to take a different route do.

One looks at a young woman who rushes to the end with a passion for the game of the play, and shows off trying to launch a new company to save the company without giving up the company. It is inevitable that she will get a chance to rescue the company that is going to collapse.

In addition, Ryu Seung-soo plays Jo Tae-gu, the former director of Joey Buster, who was dismissed at the same time as the defunct suicide, and leads various episodes with Shin Yeon-hwa. Model and actor Yi Song is dismissed as the head of the company’s new business model, Shin Young-hwa, and has an unexpected influence on her future and Joey Buster’s future.

In the middle of the storm, three people in the same working environment were revealed. Joe Tae-gu (Ryu Seung-soo), who is looking at the new softening of the new employee, and Jung Tae-gu (Ryu Seung-soo) looking at it with a heartfelt gratification, can be seen in the bright picture of Joe Buster before the crisis.

In addition, the face of the new team leader (Yong Song Lee) is seized with an urgent expression and attracts attention. It is becoming more and more wonder whether the employees have experienced some sort of blindness through the scenes in the opposite atmosphere, and whether they can overcome the crisis in the company.

On the other hand, DRAWMAX, MBN ‘Level Up’, who will strike an ambulance theater with a new office romantic comedy this summer, is struggling to revive the restructuring specialist Andante (Seonghun min) with a regeneration rate of 100% It is a drama. ‘Level Up’ is scheduled for the first broadcast on Wednesday, July 10.

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