‘Weekly Idol’ will show the colorful charm of the (girls) children who are continuing to make their way through MBC Everlon and MBC music simulcast at 5 pm on the 26th.

MC Gwang-hee wondered from the opening as soon as she met the (girls) children. MC Gwang-hee said, “When I was in the army, the girls made their debut, but I kept looking back on the weekend.” He then impressed the (girls) children (girls), showing their choreography without filtering, from their debut song ‘LATATA’ to ‘Senorita’.

In addition, the (girls) children had time to radiate the charm of yellow color. In particular, Sujin said, “I had dreamed of Taekwondo teacher for a while when I was a child.” In addition, the main dancer of the team, Sujin, with a unique dance line, was fully appreciated by the stomach ‘s lack of 24 hours, Taemin’ MOVE ‘, and’ already 12 o’clock ‘

Shu Hwa, the icon of first love among the usual fans, has created a ‘Golden Cake’ that maximizes the purity. Shueh had surprised everyone by reenacting various items and situations like flowers, glasses, winds and so on like a youthful movie.

The colorful charms of the girls who captured MC Kang Hee’s fan heart are revealed through “Weekly Idol,” which is broadcast simultaneously at 5 pm MBC Everlon and MBC Music.

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