In TV Chosun’s’We Got Divorced’ (hereinafter’Woo Divorce’) broadcasted on the afternoon of the 11th, actor and film director Park Jae-hoon and former wrestling national team player Park Hye-young also appeared as new couples. 

Park Jae-hoon was surprised by showing his first appearance wearing a hot pink polarty. The two broke up six years ago, but the divorce was not officially disclosed. Second, Seo-young said, “I’ll go to see Dad,” Park Hye-young said, “What dad? Who said it was Junsung’s father?” 

Since she divorced immediately after her second childbirth, her father was unfamiliar to the children. On the other hand, Park Hye-young shed tears while listening to music while visiting Park Jae-hoon. Park Jae-hoon waited first at the hostel with a full of excitement.

As soon as Park Hye-young met Park Jae-hoon, he pointed out the outfit and hairstyle. Park Hye-young also said, “It is very burdensome. It’s uncomfortable,” he said harshly.

In the end, Park Hye-young rebuked, “Junsung dad, change clothes quickly because it’s uncomfortable.” The two headed to Mart and talked. Park Hye-young commented on the recent situation, “It was very difficult as well as work. I regretted that I was forced to catch a show on the show. But Junsung was all grown up. Junsung asked if he was going on a trip with his father. Seoyoung didn’t even know where I was going. Seoyoung said,’Dad? What dad?’ It was a bit bitter.”

Park Jae-hoon said, “I was talking to Seo-young, and I asked,’Did you break up with your dad and mom?'” Park Hye-young said, “I still don’t see it well, but I wouldn’t have seen it without a child.” Jaehun Park said, “It depends on your disposition. Even without a child, I think we would have seen it.” Park Hye-young said, “It’s uncomfortable. “Stop it,” he said, “I have zero old thoughts.”

Park Hye-young responded to Jun-seong’s broadcast appearance, “Jun-seong said,’I was a little surprised, but it’s okay. You don’t just have to marry your mom and dad again. Then we are just family.’ So, I felt comfortable. Junsung was burdened. I might get hurt. I only meet a lot of girlfriends.”

When Park Hye-young arrived home, she started cooking. Park Hye-young added a girl crush charm by wearing a military uniform.

Jaehun Park said, “It’s been a while since I’ve been cooking. When I was newly married, I always came home to serve meals every evening. I haven’t violated once in two years. It’s great,” he recalled. Park Hye-young said, “I will have an accident tonight.” It was pure back then.”

Park Jae-hoon said, “I have never forgotten it,” and said, “If I tell you honestly, there will be no more trips for the two of us until they die after time. How thankful this is, but on the other hand, it hurts my heart.”

Park Jae-hoon said, “We haven’t announced the divorce. I wondered if there was a need to do so,” he said. “Our divorce is known, but did you even worry about it?”

Park Hye-young said, “I have been divorced for more than five years. Although I am not a broadcaster, I went on a lot as my wife. Our marriage started with broadcast and ended with broadcast. It seemed to be joking around people. When people asked, I pretended it was okay. It was very difficult. We were not in an uncomfortable relationship, and we wanted the divorce disclosure to be much better.” The two of them appeared in’Daddy’ for 3 years.

Park Jae-hoon complained, “I should have worked, but being at home was a problem.” Park Hye-young said, “I think I made myself so lonely. Was indifferent. Meet Junsung often. Junsung respects and loves his father the most. Thank you for that too.”

Park Jae-hoon said, “It’s because Junsung’s mother raised it that way. Normally, when a divorce, most of the people in the position of raising me gossip a lot. “There is no person like you. A really nice and nice person.”

In addition, Park Jae-hoon said, “I was young, but I thought it would be nice to meet a good person. He said that he was a capable and good person.” Park Hye-young replied, “I have to meet a good person.” Yet Park Hye-young continued striking the iron wall at Park Jae-hoon and quickly entered the room.

Young-ha Lee and Eun-suk Sun were depicted on their first’reminded honeymoon’ in 40 years. At the last meeting in Cheongpyeong, Lee Young-ha listened to the story of Doksu Workshop on the first night of her honeymoon from Seon Woo Eun-sook and reflected on it. Accordingly, Lee Young-ha opened a honeymoon trip to Jeju Island that was 100% planned and prepared by herself.

Lee Young-ha and Seon Woo Eun-sook have been reminiscent of couples with similar fashions since arriving in Jeju Island. Lee Young-ha said, “Welcome to Jeju of love and romance,” an in-flight broadcast came out. I prepared a lot. I got a lot of help and no one called. Let’s have only the two of us.”

Lee Young-ha added, “It was originally a fishing day today, but I canceled it for myself.” Seon Woo Eun-suk said, “If you don’t want to meet me, you’re going to a meeting, and if you want to meet me, I’ll cancel the meeting. I’ll go right away if you call me,” he said. “Even if I didn’t divorce, my life would have been the same.”

At the same time, Seonwoo Eun-suk asked Lee Young-ha, who wore a ring, “You didn’t wear anything like this in the first place,” and Lee Young-ha replied, “I wore it to look good.”

In an interview with the production crew, Seon Woo Eun-suk, “I have never seen this person wearing a ring. She said she wore it to show me well.”

Young-ha Lee and Eun-suk Seon arrived at the Jeju Rail Bike. The two enjoyed an exhilarating date with healing and thrills, such as taking a selfie based on the breathtaking natural scenery. 

Then, during the sudden descent of the rail bike, Seonwoo Eun-suk folded his arms to Lee Young-ha. However, Lee Young-ha did not accept it and only grabbed his own handle.

Lee Young-ha gave 100 points for his tour, and Sunwoo Eun-suk gave 90 points. Seon Woo Eun-suk said, “When I stopped suddenly, my hand went, but he didn’t protect me. He only held his own handle.”

Seonwoo Eun-suk visited Lee Young-ha’s house in Jeju Island. Lee Young-ha’s apartment boasted a spacious pyeong and stylish interior.

Lee Young-ha also prepared a barbecue dinner for Sunwoo Eun-suk. The two went out to the terrace, and Lee Young-ha skillfully lit the barbecue.

Choi Go-gi headed to Busan to meet Yu Catnip with her daughter Pine Nib. Choi Choi was reunited with his mother-in-law in about two months.

Yu Catnip said, “My mother sent me a text message asking me to return the gift, what I wanted, and what my brother gave me.” “I understand. You did a great job. Even so, I couldn’t reply because this happened. It was scary to see my mother-in-law.” Yu Catnip’s mother said, “There will be no good words. My heart wants to be swearing, but I have pine needles.”

Then Choi Choi and Pine Trees arrived, and my mother-in-law treated me coldly. Nevertheless, my mother-in-law told me to bring some side dishes to bring home, and also gave me soup.

However, her mother-in-law soon mentioned the text she sent to Choi. My mother-in-law said to the coma, “I paid it for a year. While taking the loan, he paid back with the money he had received, and paid off after suffering a lot for a year. Wasn’t all the refuse I did? Is it unreasonable to ask for money back? I don’t think it’s impossible.”

Choi Choi said, “I don’t think it’s a crowd, but I didn’t get involved in the talk of adults. As for my father, we had been at home for now, and we decided to have a 50 million won coma.” My mother-in-law said, “I didn’t say that I gave you 50 million won. I can’t afford it. Isn’t the house originally bought by a man? “I decided not to give or receive each other,” he said. “If I gave ten million won, I would return about seven million won.”

Choi Choi said, “I sold the refuse in a hurry. But that was 3 million won.” So my mother-in-law said, “What if I sell that too? Originally, the price drops when selling.” After hearing this, Yu Catnip said, “Let’s stop.” 

Until the end, my mother-in-law said, “I have to return the ten million won and the refuse I gave,” and Yu Catnip said, “I will give it. This person is also difficult.” Eventually, Yu Catnip and her mother-in-law cried.

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