“All I knew was: I was meant to be his dog.” 20th Century Fox has debuted the first official trailer for the dog movie The Art of Racing in the Rain, an adaptation of the bestselling, super popular novel of the same name by Garth Stein. A lot of dog lovers really love this book, and following all the other recent dog movies (like A Dog’s Journey, A Dog’s Way Home) they’re bringing this one to the big screen, too. Why not? Told from the point of view of the dog, again, a Golden Retriever pooch named Enzo recalls the life lessons he has learned from his race car driving owner, Denny. Kevin Costner voices Enzo, and the cast includes Milo Ventimiglia as his owner Denny, plus Amanda Seyfried, Gary Cole, Kathy Baker, Ryan Keira Armstrong, Martin Donovan, and Andres Joseph. Awww this looks adorable, perhaps a bit better than all these other dog movies out there. Maybe this one will actually took out good? Meet the cutie below.

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