Japanese cartoonist Wase Yoo who wrote the original cartoon of SBS TV Sangmok drama ‘Absolute Guy’ which is about to be broadcasted first on the 15th, will make a good work if it is Korea. “I showed great expectations.

‘Absolute Guy’ is a romance that is played by ‘Guy’, a doll model with a hot heart with a hot red rose, ‘Gonna’, a heart that has become a steel heart with love scars, and ‘Gnome’

The original was serialized in the Japanese comic magazine “Girl Comics” from 2003 to 2004, and became very popular as it was made into drama in Japan in 2008 and Taiwan in 2012.

Watarase Yu said on the 13th, “I was very pleased to see that if I made it in Korea, I would have a good work,” said 3HW COM, a drama promotion company on the 13th.

“It was a long journey until it became a reality broadcast, but I am very pleased and excited to have just started broadcasting as long as I have waited for a long time,” he added.

“I am surprised that many actors who are very active have been involved in this cast,” said Waltase Yu, who also commented on the casting of Jae Jin-gu, Bang Min-a, and Hong Jong-hyun. ”

As for the intention of ‘Absolute Guy’, he said, “I started talking about the idea that the internet was starting to take root in my life and that I could order a lover by mail order.” ” It’s a comic and a fantasy feeling. ”

“This is a fairy tale for adults, a story about pure and unconditional love,” he said. “I hope that whenever viewers think of the drama, they will feel warm.”

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