Group Wanna One won a record high in record sales. Through his last album, Wanna One made another successful record for the “beauty of the genre.”

Wanna One’s first full-length album, “POWER OF DESTINY”, released on the 19th, exceeded 438,000 on a weekly basis (weekly record sales). It is the highest record ever after debut.

Wanna One has 411,000 copies in his debut album “To Be ONE”, 417,000 copies in the repackage album 1-1 (Nothing Without You) 1 (I PROMISE YOU) ‘and recorded 389,000 first-time sales.

Wanna One recorded the highest number of albums sold in the first year and a half by selling their first full-season albums,

Earlier, Wanna One received a lot of love from the top of the seven music charts with his first full-length album “Spring Breeze” released on the 19th. The entire song for the regular album was placed in the top 20, proving the topic and popularity at the same time.

After the recording, the recordings reached the top and made their own highs and made meaningful results.

1 ‘1 = 1’ (POWER OF DESTINY) ‘is’ 1 ÷ x = 1′ ‘0 + 1 = 1’ ‘1-1 = 0’ ‘1X1 = 1’ DESTINY, the one you used to be with me as one, and the POWER, a fight that fights against your destiny and wants to be one again (POWER), is the first regular album that features ‘1¹¹ = 1’ to be.

This album includes the title track ‘Spring Breeze’, ‘Fireworks’ written by Na Hyung Woon, ‘Awake!’ By Park Woojin, ’12th Star’ And Beautiful Part.ll, the second version of ‘Beautiful’ which was released in November and received a hot response.

On the other hand, Wanna One starts a comeback activity on SBS MTV ‘The Show’ on the 27th.

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