The group SHINee and VIXX’s (Cha Hak Yeon) and Jeong Jin-woon join the army today (4th).

KIWAN and Jeong Jin-woon enter the training camp on the 4th and receive basic military training. He released his hand letter with a picture of his head shortened to his SNS on the 3rd day before entering the military. He said, “I made my debut in 2008 and I was very busy, and I remembered my memories and memories that I shared with you became a driving force for running around the same place.”

“I have never been in a long gap before, and I have been asked to join the march on March 4, and I can not say hello to you for a while,” he said. “I’m sorry for your misfortune and I will regret it, but I will be healthy and tidy without worry.” .

In the meantime, he concluded by saying, “I want you to be healthy and happy and full of love. As a result, Kee fulfills the duty of defense for the second time after Onew, among Shiny members. Yeon also released a short cut hair style along with a short article “I will be doing well in 20190304 today’s record” through his SNS at dawn on the 4th.

Yeon smiled while holding his hair as if his short-cut hair was awkward. Even his short haircut style showed off his warm visuals. Jeong Jin-woon also recently showed his shaved appearance through his instagram in front of the army’s enlistment, and showed a more dignified position.

He opened his last concert ‘Wait !!’ at the end of February and met his fans. Jeong Jin-woon said, “I will show you a wonderful show. I will wait until then.” With the admission of Jeong Jin-woon, all 2AM members became staple guns. Lee Chang-min enlisted in October 2012 and expired in July 2014.

Imsung and Jo Kwon joined each other in 2017 and last year, respectively.

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