This was the opening of the brokerage of the Lee Kyung-chan broke chemistry explosion.

MBC tree drama ‘Red Moon Blue Sea’ (play Do Hyun Jung / director Choi Jung Kyu / production Mega Monster) is running towards the end. Every day, Thursday and Thursday, it is the last story to hear the ‘Red Moon Blue Sea’ which is driven into the crucible of the impact that the theater of the house has done.

‘Red moon blue sun’ is a mystery thriller. A dense and detailed story, hidden clues and meaningful messages in it, even the harshest actors of the actors. The audience was heartbroken in a heavy atmosphere.

In the middle of this, the atmosphere of the play and reversed 180 degrees, so that more attention is being taken to capture the scene of the photos behind the scenes are focused.

Lee Kyung (Kang Ji-hun) and Cha Hak-yeon (Lee Eun-ho) are the two men responsible for the ‘Red Moon Blue Year’ in the behind-the-scenes photos. The two of them are the most suspects of the detective and serial killings in the play. However, when the camera turned off, it was always two people who never stopped laughing.

The open photo captures the shooting scene of Lee Eun-ho, who was previously broadcast. In the photograph, Lee Kyung and Cha Gak-yeon stand side by side and look into camera equipment or rehearse scenes. I can feel the warm romance chemi from two people who look at the same thing and laugh or rehearse in a playful manner. I can feel the unique teamwork of two people by photograph alone.

According to the crew, it was not easy to shoot the scenes because of the inclement weather, as well as the delicate lines of each character.

Nonetheless, thanks to the extraordinary consideration of the actors, the chemistry and the warm teamwork, everyone was able to finish the shoot with joy and power.

With the elimination of Lee Eun-ho, ‘Red Moon Blue Sea’ is releasing a more chewy story. This kind of teamwork and consideration is the crucial factor that enabled the ‘Red Moon Blue Sea’ to become a ‘Well-Made Mystery Thriller’, leading to favorable comments by viewers. Furthermore, because of the teamwork of these actors and staffs, I am curious to see the last story of ‘Red Moon Blue Year’.

Those who watched Behind steels are responding like “It’s cute”, “Do not forget us”, “We welcome you like this”.

On the other hand, the MBC drama ‘Red Moon Blue Sea’ is a mystery thriller that tracks the truth with a clue to a child of doubt, a girl’s poetry in the face of a doubt.

The last story of ‘Red Moon Blue Year’, 31 ~ 32 times will be broadcasted at 10:00 pm on Wednesday, 16th.

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