MBC Everyone ‘Video Star’ broadcasted on the 4th is a star lecturer and communication expert, Kim Chang-ok. Decorated

Kim Chang-ok gave a lecture on the day and explained that people have their own ‘native language’ from the environment in which they grew up. Kim Na-young, a single mom, said, “Can I pass a good word to my son? I want to pass a good language to my son.”

Kim Chang-ok said, “Since my son is my father, I learn most of my native language from my father. Learning from my mom is another language.” I think it would be good if you let it go. “

“You don’t have to be so sorry. Moms don’t want to see their mothers hard. Don’t be sad because they don’t give them a good mother tongue.” “You can think about it. It’s different from children who are only loved and grown up in depth and breadth.” Kim Na-young shed tears for enduring Kim Chang-ok’s honest advice.

The cast then talked about the theme of ‘when living is out of breath’. First of all, the girl group Heinapia member Min Kyung confessed his hardship at the time of the breakup of Pristine. After the dismantling of Pristine, the members were directly recruited, and their agency also went to find him.

Minkyung said, “At first, I was able to debut and win a lot of prizes. But since the team suddenly disappeared, there was one worth while people lived, but I felt like that was gone.” What if I fall in eternal sleep? ‘

Minkyung also confessed about the difference between ‘real me’ and ‘me visible’ and said, “I think it’s right to conceal myself from a young age and express how you’ve been trained on how people will like it.” I was sorry.

Following Minkyung, Sandarabak also recalled the time of the dismantling of 2NE1. I shed tears. “After the dismantling, I had a lot of concerns about what I should do in the future, so I lived negatively for two or three years and lost a lot of confidence. “I’m happy these days because I think my friends are really mine.” “It’s a pity that I can finally enjoy it now. I can’t come back.”

Park Narae confessed carefully to the worries of the cast. Park Narae confessed to her biggest concern these days, “I don’t know if I’m the right person.”

He said, “I will be a good influence artist when I receive the award. I don’t know the standard of goodness, and there will be my image that people liked. One day I receive a big prize. I have come. ” “I was convicted of myself. Now I have to censor myself because I have to be careful. I feel free to be my charm and pleasure.

Kim Chang-ok, who listened to this, said, “You only need to lose your initial feelings. If you focus on good influences, you will become heavier and you will not be able to come and go. People will recognize it. “

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