Four-color posters starring the main drama ‘Lovers of the Week in the afternoon on weekdays’ were released. (‘Osejeon’) is a growing drama of adults suffering from severe measles due to taboo love. In 2014, Fuji TV “Mei Flowers” in Japan and lovers of 3:00 pm on weekdays ‘Remake. ‘Oh Se-yeon’ draws a love without exit, focusing on four men and women, Park Hae-sun (Son Ji-eun), Lee Sang-yeop (Yun Jung-woo), Yi Ji Won (Choi Soo A) and Jo Dong-hyuk (Doha Yun).

First, Park Hae-sun, who goes through pure water and provocation, draws attention. In the poster, Park Hae-sung unrolled the white shoulder by revealing the thin shoulder line. Her big eyes, looking at the camera, are deep and pure, giving a more provocative feel. Here ‘s the moment he caught my hand and I saw the real me,’ the copy makes him curious about what kind of change he will face when he meets Yun Kwon ‘s fateful love.

Lee Sang-yeop, who foresaw the melancholy main character, also stands out. Lee ‘s deep eye is fascinating enough to disarm his opponent just by looking at it. The look that I want to touch here is a subtlety that raises the motherhood and snatches the hearts of preliminary female viewers. I asked God. The copy that says ‘punish me for your part’ wants to cheer for Yun Jung-woo’s cruel and dangerous love in the play.

Yoo Ji-won, who is concentrated on sensuousness and sensuality, also robs his gaze. With a breathtaking slip suit, Yoo Ji-won, who boldly exposes his shoulders and back-line, is puzzled by his pose and eyes. As the most bold character in love in the drama, the copy in the poster also says’ I meet a man from 3 pm to 5 pm on weekdays. Two hours is enough. I am looking forward to the transformation of Yi Ji-won.

Finally, there is Jo Dong-hyuk who emanated the fatal sexism of an adult man. In the poster, Jo Dong-hyuk boldly exposed the upper body of the strong muscles. Disturbed hair, lingering eyes and facial expressions stimulate the womanhood with another charm. ‘I want you to be nothing at all, but at the same time’ is a copy that stimulates curiosity by suggesting the deadly love of Jo Dong-hyuk,

The four poster characters ‘Osejeon’ completed the intensity through the image of Redton as a whole. It brought different points and attractiveness of pure and sour, sensual and sexy.

On the other hand, ‘Lovers of the hour of the afternoon of the week’ will be broadcasted at 11:00 pm on Friday, July 5th.

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