The appeal of each part under ‘Under Ninety’ is raising curiosity about this broadcast.

MBC ‘Under Ninety’ spoiler teaser was revealed through Naver official V app channel at 11 am on the 27th. The Spoiler Teaser is a teaser video featuring vocals, rap, and performances. The preliminary stones in the video surprise those who show unusual tones and warm appearance, as well as full talent and teenage talent.

Especially, the directors who watch the private stage of the prospective stones are raising their expectation for the preliminary stones that have not yet been released, such as constantly applauding the stage while looking at the stage. “Under Ninety” is going to reveal the preliminary stones in a little bit, starting with “Spoiler Teaser”.

‘Under Nineteen’, which collects a lot of content each time it is released, is a ten-exclusive audition program that anticipates the birth of a global idol, combining the best people of each part of vocals, rap and performances. MC Kim So Hyun, Crush and Sorge, Dynamic Duo, Super Junior Eun Hyuk, Hwang Sanghoon participated as a director, Kimi with 10 participants, advice and encouragement.

In addition, 57 preliminary profiles of the creative participants and the release of moving posters are expected to attract the attention of prospective viewers because they are anticipating a combination of talented people with all their looks, talents and talents.

‘Under Ninetein’ announced the formation of Wide at 6:20 pm on November 3, and will start the first round of voting through the official website and 11th Street, which will determine the first dropout.

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