Twice a land agent ‘final screens also sing along to the screening X

is a fixed December 7 CGV screens X sole opening’ land agent Weiss (TWICELAND) ‘Lightning has established a screening sing along. The recent singing talks of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, a new era of musical films, have gathered a lot of talk, and the ‘Twisland’ singing show is expected to continue its enthusiasm.

The movie ‘Twisland’ is the first movie of Twisse which shows the performances of the second tour, ‘TWICELAND ZONE 2: FANTASY PARK’. Especially in the movie is the debut song of Asian One-Top Girls Group Twice from ‘OOH-AHH’ to ‘CHEER UP’, ‘TT’, ‘KNOCK KNOCK’, ‘SIGNAL )

Including 17 songs and colorful scenes on the screen X took out. Especially, the third album ‘Be as ONE (Korean Ver.)’ Released on December 12 is expected to be hotter due to its advance in ‘Twiceland’.

The album is a hit song for every album, so it is an optimized environment for singing talks that fans, as well as general audiences, can sing along. The ‘Twiceland’ singing show will show the stage on the screen and sing songs together with the Twis cheer tool, which is the official cheering tool of the Twice, so that the audience can experience the vivid feeling of being in the actual concert hall. It is expected to attract popularity. Detailed schedule of ‘Twice Land’ screen X Singling show can be seen on CGV homepage.

‘Twiceland’ uses screen X left and right screens to convey the audience’s experience of being surrounded by nine members of the Tweeds, as well as giving the impression of seeing the stage on the spot.

In addition to the domestic stage, as well as overseas tour concerts such as Singapore, Bangkok, and Jakarta, we also show off their impressive interviews with members from around the world who are experiencing a lot of love. It also showcases charm.

‘Twiceland’ is an alternative content that JYP Entertainment and CGV Screen X collaborated with the best Korean company, and the actual concert was filmed directly with a screen X camera. It conveys to the audience an unusual sight and expects to get warm response.

The film ‘Twiceland’ will be available on December 7th at the CGV Screen X Theater in Korea.

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