‘QQ Korea’ conducted a photo shoot and interview with TWICE Chae Young.

Chaeyoung charismatically sculpted a chic black costume in a filming with Jikyu Korea. Chaeyoung, who was bright and youthful at the scene, died while watching the changing eyes in front of the camera. Chaeyoung’s intense anti-war charm, which had been showing her cute appearance as the youngest of TWICE, is a rumor that all the staff could not hide the admiration.

After wearing a custom vintage T-shirt and interviewing “ QQ Korea ”, Chaeyoung said, “It’s a cute image because it was the youngest in the team and debuted when I was young. Chae-young, who loves to paint and custom vintage clothes and suddenly surprises her fans with short cuts, said, “Freedom is something I want to express.” “I want to be a person who breaks the tacit rules, just like Kristen Stewart wore a dress at the Cannes Film Festival,” he said. “Some people think of idols as pretty, cute and sweet. I think this and that can be idols and can be expressed in different ways. ”

He expressed his desire to pursue newness and “it’s a bit sad to see ‘Fancy’ and that our concept has simply turned into sexy. Sexy isn’t our only breakthrough. Previously, if you were sporty and full of energy, ‘Fancy’ was more confident and straightforward. “As a turning point, we have a message that we have more to show, so attachment is my biggest album.” Chaeyoung said, “It’s always a job, so it’s swollen one day, and I don’t like it anywhere, and sometimes I want to lose weight.

But in the end, I wanted to hide and live. I always write such lyrics when I write. Ask me to see it as it is. ”“ I like vintage clothes that look more ripe than new ones. I think natural is cool. So, I must be a nice person. ” Finally, Chaeyoung said, “I want to be a person who is good but not soft, who has a clear taste and subjectivity, and who can speak his opinions well to others.”

More pictorial images and sincere interviews with TWICE Chaeyoung’s new anti-war charm can be found on the September issue of “ QQ Korea ” and the QQ Korea homepage.

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