Twice showed a big smile with attractive talent .

SBS Power FM, which was broadcast live on the 8th, ‘Twas City Escape’, ‘Twice’ was released as ‘Yes or Yes’, and Twice introduced the new song and talked about it.

Twice ‘s title track’ YES or YES ‘tells Twice’ s confession that only the answer is ‘YES’. Motown, reggae and arena pops are added to the traditional synthpop, and an exciting atmosphere and energetic energy of the members are felt . “I added some powerful parts in the choreography part,” and introduced the new song.

In addition, the new music video has already surpassed 40 million views. I am getting a lot of love. Twice, who has taken a music video with the concept of a witch, each one of them, “So I could feel the fun,” said Jung Yeon, a driving witch, Nae Yeon is a blue-white witch, Sana turns roulette, The signal light witch, Chae Young Tarot card witch, Dae Hyun coin magic witch, Mina is a crystal ball witch, Momo is a witch to write a fire, one by one to raise expectations.

Tomorrow Momo, who is a birthday of tomorrow (9th), replied “I am vacationing” to Park Jin-young to ask if there is a birthday present I want to receive. Kim Tae-gyun asked, “How much do you want to receive?” And the members laughed at Momo’s opinion that they were “one month”.

In this comeback, Dawn transformed into a hair with a purple gradient. He said, “I recommend it to the company, but I like it. Ten times a month, I go to the hair salon. “I have a lot of discussions with my hair designer teacher,” she said.

There was also a witness of the listeners who witnessed Tweedles at the airport. Then, from the sight of watching the seaweed soup, I saw a false witness that I saw the seaweed picked up and made the scene into a laughing sea.

Finally, Chae Young said, “I had a lot of fun today and would like you to call me when I come back next time.”

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