Jang Man-wol (Eui-eun), who disappeared after saying goodbye alone in tvN’s “Toy Dale”, Hotel De Luna, and Gu Chan-sung (Yojin-gu) left alone suddenly. For the viewers who are waiting for the main broadcast and are sad to say goodbye, a steel cut containing the reunion of the dinner couple is pre-released to raise expectations. The two shots still look like pictures, but they look serious. What is the story of full moon and pros?

The reason why they are more curious about their reunion is that all of these are foreseen. In the announcement video released earlier, to Margotsin (Seo Yi Sook), “If you eat it, you won’t be able to see demons or Deluna.” I’m the one who likes to hesitate, ”he answered. Another chance to run away seemed to be given, but in favor of confessing the first full moon as “a favorite person.”

“I didn’t know it when I was throwing it away. How much it’s worth, ”he found DeLuna, and full moon surprised him. But in an open steelcut, YES sees drugs that can close the ears to Manwol. In the end, do you want to choose full moon or are you still hesitating? It is even more curious to say the meaning of the slogan “I must give you a chance to throw it away” and the firm voice of “I don’t go there”.

The production team said, “In Hotel DeLuna’s ninth episode, a reunion of the full moon and pros that viewers are eagerly waiting for. Please see how the romance of those who meet again will progress. ” “There will also be a special appearance for the actors. “I’m going to give you more fun, so I’m asking for your expectations and interests.”

Hotel DeLuna’s 9th TVN broadcast at 9pm on Saturday night.

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