tvN ‘San three three mountain village’ announced a smooth start.

In the 1st episode of ‘3 Sam Seki Mountain Village,’ which was broadcasted on the afternoon of September 9, viewership on average paid platform households with integrated cable, satellite, and IPTV recorded 7.2% and 10.3%. The male and female 2049 target audience ratings exceeded the average of 4.8% and the highest 6.4%, achieving first place in all channels at the same time. (Surcharge platform / national / Nielsen Korea standard)

day left to learn Jeongseon, Gangwon containing Yum Jung-ah, Yoon Se-ah, bakso. The three visited their first house, Seki House, and spent the day. He thought about what dishes to eat with the scarce ingredients, and healed while preparing a healthy and delicious meal while continuing to change from the original menu.

The eldest sister Yeomjeongah moved more busy than her brothers with full of enthusiasm. “You can slow down,” he was unrelenting. He wanted to sleep with his brothers and showed anti-war charm by dancing vigorously to the idol song.

Yoon Seah also gave positive energy and took charge of the vitality of ‘Sam Three Seki’. The youngest, Park So Dam, attracted attention by straightening out the ‘sister’ force. His childhood experience with his grandmother helped him to cultivate garden crops and to lead the making of archery. The three were so sister-like and warm.

Actor Jung Woo-sung appeared as the first guest at the end of the broadcast. Jung Woo-sung made viewers resilience with the appearance of a movie. Jung Woo-sung headed to the mountain village to cheer for the three actresses.

On the other hand, ‘three-three mountain village edition’ is broadcast every Friday at 9:10 pm.

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