tvN ‘Hotel del Luna’ coming May 13 Sat the 7th ahead of the first broadcast Ice public organizations poster, invited the audience on the first business day. Del Luna family that guarantees the best service. But there is another reversal here.

The TVN new Saturday drama ‘Hotel del Luna’ (Playful Hong Jung Hwan Hong Mi Ran, Director Oh Chung Hwan Studio Studio, Jitist) is an elite hotelier who has become the manager of Hotel Del Luna. It is a Fantasy romance that tells a special story that happens when you operate. Unlike Mimo, which is well-known as the moon, which is shining like the moon, Jang Man-wol, a hotel owner with a lot of luxury and greed, has a perfect specification ability, but Ye Jin-gu plays a weak and easy hotelier for the ghost.

The group posters that were unveiled today include Shin Jung-geun of “Kim Sun-bae”, who is the longest employee of Dell Luna and Sky Bar Bartender, the guest ship “Choi Seo-hee” It is the first time that the frontman “Ji Hyun Jung” station, which is the youngest of the right and good hotels but does not want to work, is finally released to the public. Above all, the copy of “Welcome, Best Service, Only Ghosts!” Shows the characteristics of this hotel simply but surely.

So I have to take a good look at this poster. Del Luna Hotel is located in Yuna, where Kim Sunbi, Choi Sunhee, Jihyeon, Yuna is welcoming guests with friendly hands and friendly smiles. But the ceiling spider webs, the cracked floor, the lighting of the spiritual energy, and the hands that can not be identified here. It feels like a strange aura just like in a horror movie. Clearly, the previously unveiled images of the city of Del Luna have created the atmosphere of a top-notch hotel, including antique wallpapers, colorful chandeliers and decorations. If so, is that brilliant substance only exposed to the ghosts, and can we see only old, old, creepy panorama in our eyes that look at this poster?

Of course, this mystery will be released from the first business day on July 13. Also, the creepy and romantic Chemie, completed by the special del Luna family, can be seen on both sides of the day. “We will do our best to prepare for the first business day to complete the work that will meet the expectation of the preliminary viewers of” Hotel del Luna “, which is considered as the best anticipated TVN in the second half of the year, .

On the other hand, the story of a hotel where the ghost of “Hotel Del Luna” is staying is the early plan of the “Sun of the Lord” written by Hong writers in 2013. This story will come to the world in 2019, and director Cho Chung-hwan will direct director of “Doctors” and “While you are asleep.” July 13 Saturday night at 9:00 tvN first broadcast.

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