‘Her private life’ Park Min Young Kim Jae Wook really kissed the first.

In the TVN drama ‘her private life’ episode 9 broadcasted on the 8th, Seongdeokmi (Park Min-young) and Ryan (Kim Jae-wook) were drawn to confirm each other’s hearts and start a real love affair.

Deuxmi has suffered a painful aftereffect than a real farewell since the announcement of the end of fake dating. Deuxmie was more devoted to cheering, and although she was passionate about work, she could not easily sort out her mind toward Ryan. Even if you look at Ryan’s face, he smiles at his cuteness, and he can not control his self-gaze. Moreover, I am not able to feel the pleasure while adjusting the photograph of the most idol Chashian (Jeongse Won).

It was the same with Ryan. Ryan was jealous when he suddenly turned his back on his face and looked at Xian. Above all, Ryan felt intimidated that something unusual happened to him. Although Ryan went out of his way to grasp the situation, he heard rumors from museum staff that he had a problem with his winds and was embarrassed.

In the meantime, his parents visited the museum. Vicky was suddenly embarrassed by his parents’ visit, but Ryan caught the two at a lunch packed with Ko Young-sook (Kim Mi-kyung) and Sung Geun-ho (Min-Sang Hoon). Throughout the picnic, Deuxmie made a good impression on Ryan, but Ryan’s gaze was fixed on Deckie, which caused the audience’s heart to shine. Moreover, Ryan said, “It has been a long time. The smile of the castle curator, “he told his feelings toward him.

Meanwhile, the fan page ‘Xian My Way’ played a crucial role in connecting Deokmi and Ryan. Ryan, who has lost his identity with ‘Latte’, said, ‘I’ve got someone I like at work.’ However, Duckmy reminded Ryan of his choice, not to force his mind, saying, “Is not it best to fold the confession for the opponent?” However, within a short period of time, he realized that his true heart taught him the true advice to Latte. ‘Late I actually lied to you. I confessed to confessing that it was not a mind for my opponent, but a coward that my heart was hurt. So why do not we take courage again? ”

Since then, Deuxmi and Ryan have confirmed each other’s hearts. Deuxi realized his mind toward Ryan, who was deeper than he thought, and burst into tears that he had endured. When Ryan appeared, he spoke of the real thing he had pressed. Deckmy said, “Did you hate it that you fake with me? Just pretending to be fake for a second, did not you like it that hard? I was excited and excited. ” Ryan said, “It’s fake. I hated it because it was fake. I really want to do it, “he confessed, making the viewers heart beat.

Above all, the real first kiss of the two people who identified each other’s mind was drawn on the ending and raised the audience’s excitement to the highest point. Especially, the powerful kiss of two people soared their expectations to the real love of the future.

With her hot topic every day, ‘her private life’ has renewed her own highest rating and has set a rapid rise. The ratings of pay-per-view platform households averaged 3.1% and 3.5%, respectively, again topping their highest ratings. In addition, the average audience rating of TVN target audience, 2049, recorded an average of 2.3% and a maximum of 2.6%.

Meanwhile, TVN drama ‘her private life’ will be broadcast on 9th at 9:30 pm.

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