‘Her private life’ Park Min-young – Kim Jae-wook super-close lipstick touch, followed by lip painting,

TVN drama ‘her private life’ (play Kim Hye Young / directing Hong Jong-chan) released ‘Lipstick Kiss’ Steel of Park Min Young (Seongdeok mi) – Kim Jae Wook (Ryan Gold Station) Two sweet shots to resurrect dead love cells catch their eye.

The two in the public Steel are not going to fall for a moment. Kim Jae-wook sets up Park Min-young, who is preparing to go to work, and makes up her own make-up. Kim Jae-wook’s picture of Park Min-young’s lip with lipstick, as if drawing with a brush, is shot by a woman. Especially, his touch is delicate and sweet, and he makes a stir, and Kim Jae-wook’s mouth, which Park Min-yong loves so much because he loves him, makes a smile by foreshadowing the birth of a “gold lion”.

So Park Min – young gives Kim Jae – wook to tickle the hearts of those who take lip masks. Park Min-young is kissing Kim Jae-wook and kissing him as if he is certifying that he is “mine.” Park Min-young, who is going straight, is lovely and can not take his eyes off. These two people who are so excited about each other are watching the romantic desires of their viewers. Therefore, the expectation of how much ‘her private life’ left only a couple of times to the end is getting higher.

On the other hand, the 15th episode of her private life is broadcasted at 9:30 this night.

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