TvN “Arthdal Chronicles” Song Joong-gi unveiled the” First Force “unique naedalrineun horseback outspoken people.

The TVN new Saturday drama “Arthdal Chronicles” (Kim Young-hyun, Park Sang-yeon, Kim Won-seok, Studio Dragon, KPJ production) will be broadcasted in June following the ‘confession’. The heroes who write different legends in the ancient land ‘ Contains fateful stories.

Song Jung-ki depicts the struggle to defend the tribe by taking on the role of “Eumsum” in the “Astral Chronicles”. Song Jung-ki, who has been returning to the theater in the past three years since the ‘Generation of the Sun’, is anticipating a big success as an euns island that unleashes the ancient life and destiny that was only possible in the imagination.

In connection with this, Song Jong-gi is concentrating his attention on the figure of the silver island that rides on the horse through the “Astdal Chronicle”. It is completely transformed into the silver islands that live in ancient times from head to toe, such as garments that are naturally torn in the hairstyle and leather that has been wrapped like gloves in both hands.

In addition, Song Jung-geun stroked the head of a horse and gave a friendly look, and it seemed as if it would not fall off the horse. Here, the meaningful eyes of Song Jonggi, who rushes through the dense forest on horseback, add to his curiosity about the island.

Most of all, Song Ji-ki is not only able to deal with horses freely, but also enjoys the praise of the field with his skillful and excellent riding skills as a person who lived in primitive age. It is a rumor that he has demonstrated his unique skills in horseback riding with his excellent sense of action.

Particularly, Kim Young-hyun and Park Sang-yeon, who wrote “Astdal Chronicle”, expressed their particular affection by telling the reason why they cast Song Jung-ki on Eumsum Station. The two writers who are working on Song Jung-ki and the “Deep Tree” for the second time commented, “A few years ago, I heard about Song Jung-ki,” Even when I explode emotionally, I have a reasonable day. “Song Jung- Two incompatible things coexist. So we love this actor. ”

The two writers say that the double-sidedness of these images that Song Jung-ki possesses shines in expressing “silver islands.” When you look at the image of silver islands expressed by Song Jung-ki, “I do not know anything but are extremely smart, I do not think it’s going to get any better, “but he praised the work for its intentions.

Eunseom is a beautiful, pure and pure face, but when attack comes in at any time, it reflects and bounces right out. He explained that he was willing to take whatever action he was after and not feel any hesitation. “It is the most important role Song Jung-kwag should play in drama,” said Eun-ish, who spits out primordial responses and primitive questions with a naive face.

The production team said, “In the ‘Astdar Chronicle’, not the Song Jung-gi, but the Eunseom is the best, and the sync rate is the best.” “In the ancient civilization that Korea first introduced, please expect the explosion of Song Jung- I said.

tvN The new Saturday drama “Arthdal Chronicles” will be broadcasted first in June following ‘confession’.

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