The ‘ Asdal Chronicles’ Sayya and Tanya meet regularly.

In the last 6 episode ending scenes of the TVN weekend drama “The Asdal Chronicles” (The play Kim Young-hyun, The actor Kim Won-seok / Production studio dragon, KPJ) broadcasted on June 16, Taegon (Jang Dong- Saya (Song Ji-kee) grew up in charge and made his first appearance and made a strong impression.

Saya, played by Song Jung-ki, was born between the brain Antalagaz (Yutaeo) and the man Asafong (Chuja), and after the death of Lagaz A person who grew up with Eumsum (Song Ji-kee). Kim Ji Won is a successor to the clan mother of the Han and Han, and he is leading the way to Tanna who is suffering from the tragic torment of being dragged to Astdal.

In the 7th episode of the rising sky, the scene of Song Jung Gi and Kim Ji-won each revealing a confrontation with the look and embarrassment of different boundaries and embarrassment. In the play, a fortified Buddhist statue of fire, captured in a small room in the tower, where 20 years have passed, is a scene where Tagon’s hidden shemale, stranger, Han Chinese girl, and Tangya meet for the first time.

And Han, who was in the fort of fire, became a mess, and when he came into the room of Sai, Tanya saw the Sai, and she was astonished by the appearance very similar to the Eunsum. Since then, two people have faced each other again, raising questions about the fate of the two people.

In the filming of this scene, Song Ji-gi and Kim Ji-won continued to read the script together to express the tension that embarrassed Sai and Tanya. Song Jung-ki was a completely different saga from Eunsam, and he noticed a scene full of suspicions, with only a doubtful look and sharp eyes. Kim Ji-won, while kneeling at his knees, looks confused with surprises and fears, and puts a line of emotion in contrast to Sayaya.

The production crew said, “We are giving a subtle sense of tension to the scene where the new character of Part 2, Saya, is in the first full face-to-face match with Tanya.” “What will be the ending of the encounter between Tanya, “We need to confirm the fate of both of them in the broadcast on the 22nd. 22 pm 9 pm broadcast.

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