tvN ‘Abyss’ Park Bo-young is demonstrating the dignity of Kimi goddess as a class of men and women regardless of their sex.

The TVN drama ‘Abyss: Soul Resurrection Beads’ (Yujyuan directing, ‘Abyss’) shows the new variation of the fantasy genre with the new Bhakan material and the imagination that pierces the hurricane. In particular, Park Boo-young is playing the role of “Ko Se-yeon,” a top 1% credit checker, showing her acting skills and colorful chemistry. In addition to Ahn Hyo-seop (Chanmin), the opposite of the actor, he is also attaining Chemi Manleb by showing off his lover Ishin (Park Dongcheol)

One of the hottest of them is KIMI. Park Bo-young – Ahn Hyo-seop, who has been together for 20 years in the early 20th century, gave a cute and unforgettable amusement to her. Since then, Park Bo-young has been responding perfectly to expressing his trembling throbbing in front of death, as he is aware of his love with his sweet first kiss and cares about Ahn Hyo-seop’s every move that has long been regarded as a friend. So the two people to the nickname ‘bead couple’ is created, and viewers are fascinated by Park Bo Young – An Hyo Sup’s chemi.

Chemistry with Ishihon is also good. Park Boo-young approached him with resurrected visuals, which resembled ‘Ishian’s ex-girlfriend’ Song, and helped him pursue the murderer who killed him, while Park Bo-young had put Ishin’s heart into a dialect and a marriage charm. In particular, the two fake lovers Chemie, who was unfamiliar with Park Bo-young’s genuine identity, knew the timeless fun of the time bomb. The unique and cool Chemie, which is currently being offered as an air support partner, is playing a laugh code in the “Abyss”.

Song, Sang-eun, is known as’ Chinmido Salmido (a real Mido Fake Mido) ‘, attracting viewers’ attention and energizing the drama. While Park Bo-young is alive, he is giving up his relationship with each other, and he is sending out his sister Kimi, who is giving care and mutual care to each other. Especially, as the ping-pong game, the sum and reaction of the ambassadors who give and receive are making the audience laugh.

The TVN ‘Abys’ production team said, “Park Bo-young shows the perfect chemistry even when he is with the other actor, and adds strength to the story development.” It seems that the cast members are very friendly and digest the characters. They are going to give a lot of fun to the various chemi that they make, so please watch them until the end. ”

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