On the 22nd broadcast of KBS 2TV’s’Troublesome Son of the Rooftop Room’, a scene in which Oh Hyun-kyung and Kim Soo-ro appeared as guests during a Christmas special feature spread.

On this day, Oh Hyun-gyeong and Kim Soo-ro boasted that they were friends for 20 years, and Song Eun-i asked, “How many years have you been knowing?” Kim Soo-ro recalled, “I got to know it since 89. I didn’t meet, but I saw it unilaterally. It was really pretty.”

Then Kim Soo-ro praised, “I saw it on the bus, and I knew it was waiting for the school bus. It looks like Gangnam Station, but the school bus to the university is there. There are flowers.”

Kim Yong-man confronted him, saying, “I was famous as a teen star at that time,” and Oh Hyun-gyeong confessed, “Thank you so much for telling me that Su-ro always has that memory when he goes somewhere and talks like this. It was like a flower.”

Also, Kim Yong-man said, “It was pink these days,” and mentioned Tak Jae-hoon, who is appearing in’Can We Love Again 3′.

Kim Sook said, “Isn’t it necessary to come out with Tak Jae-hoon today?”

In particular, Kim Soo-ro said that he encouraged skinship in order to connect the two by appearing as a guest. “I shuddered.

Furthermore, Song Eun-i mentioned an article that sparked controversy on the recent SNS, saying, “Why did you post such a sudden story on SNS?”

Oh Hyun-kyung said, “It’s my mind,” and Kim Sook advised, “If I upload such a thing when I’m playing such a pro, I think so.”

Oh Hyun-kyung explained, “I only thought about working too much. I thought I would fall in love with this feeling, so I playfully (Love) told me to come in a cool shape in the next life.” .

Oh Hyun-kyung added, “(Tak Jae-hoon) I was so scolded by my brother. I cried because my brother said something.”

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