In KBS 2TV’s’Troublesome Son of the Rooftop Room’ broadcast on January 5th,’The God of Finance’ Jon Lee and Yoo Su-jin appeared together to reveal their investment know-how.

On the day, Jon-ri said, “I have been managing the Korea Fund for 15 years, and I am a fund manager and a representative of an asset management company.” Yoo Su-jin introduced herself as “rich sister” and “is fighting while bleeding in the field with a sense of mission alone.”

Kim Sook asked Kim Yong-man, “didn’t your brother fail in stock investment,” he said of his failure. Kim Yong-man said, “I went to the S Hotel before, and after the event, I took the elevator to get home comfortably. At that time, someone grabbed the elevator door and said,’I like Yongman Electronics’. Even though I came home, Yongman Electronics continued to linger in my head.” “The next day I bought Yongman Electronics stock. But in the end, it became a piece of tissue paper.” 

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