A variety of ‘cider Changfeng “The more times more powerful and MBC, which continues to place the undisputed powerhouse drama drama” special labor inspectors Changfeng Joe “(a play Kim Bandi ┃ Director bakwonguk) is 21-22 to be broadcast at 10 tonight. I notice that you punish Kim Dong Wook and gimgyeongnam songoksuk called “Party jilgye godmother ‘and’ dolphin Party jilgye” a new joint operation of the broadcast times increases the viewers’ expectations.

This time, the public still has the appearance of gimgyeongnam that are hiding behind the tree secretly photographing someone turned on a golf course with the appearance of Kim Dong Wook, which aims to produce self-contained songoksuk a club’s curiosity. First, in the 20th broadcast last week, Kim Dong-wook’s “I’ll go to surgery rotten brain structure deurireo” himself to bribe chaetgo noticed the plan of Dawn chase down the delivery charges songoksuk advance towards songoksuk was playing golf, saying the Invigorating the hottest alerts because nalryeot still in a meeting with Kim Dong Wook gimgyeongnam released this time it is infinitely stimulate the viewers’ curiosity.

So far in the vicious chastisement gapjil gimgyeongnam he was told decisive help in place twenty minutes exercised their skills in planning, knowing what to believe at risk without betraying Kim Dong-wook detective agency complies with handcuffs. Therefore Kim Dong-wook is the situation that followed the successful resolution passenger to punish the successor of the renowned group. But this is more songoksuk’re subject to its retribution is not easy because the expectations of the viewers formidable opponent with the title of President of enterprises are increasing day by day. Kim Dong Wook and because it gimgyeongnam, two people who have a secret meeting in a public golf courses in the steel to be erected at this time any plans to punish the “Dolphin Party jilgye ‘songoksuk there will ssolrigo interest.

In particular, Kim Dong-wook and gimgyeongnam in public is still in a tight, there is loyalty and trust just felt eyes staring at each other to produce self hunhunham. Even the facial expression looking at the same place gimdouk and gimgyeongnam seemingly feeling the same feelings with each other now, when Chuck Chuck ‘and it boasts a perfect glutinous rice cake breathe enough to see through the hearts of two people to showcase the fantastic team Chemie of this armor jilgye the godmother of songoksuk punish collect more expectations.

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