‘SKY Castle’ Kim Hye-yoon, Chan Hee, Kim Bo-ra, Kim Dong-hee, Jo Byung-gyu, Lee Ji-won, Lee Ji-jin, and Song Kun-hee shot the snowboard properly at the Anbae Theater.

The firm performance of the JTBC gilt drama ‘SKY Castle’ (playful Yoo Hyunmi, directed by Cho Hyun-tak, production HB Entertainment, drama house, 20 trilogy), which can not find smoke holes, is also being shown to new actors. Those who joined ‘SKY Castle’ through the intense competition of 200-to-1 audition, are leading the play with adult actors, perfecting their share with glittering charm and unusual acting power.

First, Kang Yi Sung (Kim Hye-yoon), Huang Universe (Chan Hee), Kim Hye-na (Kim Bo-ra) who left an impact with character and charming acting power. The three men who rose to rivalry alongside Shin Aago’s co-chief and deputy foreshadowed a strange triangle. In addition, the personality of each other makes the story that they will be drawn more interesting. The eldest daughter of Hanseo Jin (T’ang Ji-na) is obsessed with the goal of Seoul and selfishly takes care of her own part. Isaim’s son’s universe is affectionate but occasionally shows love and receives everyone’s love.

In addition, HENNA who is good at studying while not taking care of even a sick mother is good to personality. It is the one that raises the curiosity about the triangle relationship of the personality which is strangely tangled strong three people.

“Seonjun Brothers” Cha Seo-joon (Kim Dong-hee) and Cha Seung-hye (Joe Byung-gyu) who are in charge of goodwill as the twin sons of Seo Hye-na (Yun Se-a). These brothers, who have different inclinations but always take care of each other, play a role of love even while suffering from the entrance examination.

Even though my father Cha Min-hyuk (Kim Byoung-cheol) is under pressure to test, “I do not want to see a real mother get paid”. Especially, it was a smile that was smiled with a blessed time and a happy time. How can the ‘Junjun brothers’ find happiness with the support of their mother?

Seojin’s second daughter, Gye-byeong (Lee Ji-won) and Jin Jin-hee (Onara) son’s excellent (Yu-jin) The youngest of SKY Castle, which causes mothers’ anger because they do not have any interest in studying, is the youngest. However, in the reading discussion, Yi Bing’s cada bombing laughed as he laughed and said, “Do you think this discussion is thinking, do not you talk freely?” I was frightened by the plump nature of Yvin, but I was shocked at the convenience store haircut that was created by the cute rebellion of wanting to escape from the study pressure. With the expectation that the lovely castle babies will have a certain enthusiasm and cause some incident (?).

Lastly, Park Young-jae (Song Kun-hee), son of Lee Myung-joo (Kim Jong-un), who shocked both mothers and viewers from the first week. Although he was a model son who passed the Seoul National University of Medicine and became an idol of the castle, he was dreaming of vengeful revenge for his parents, and he finally realized his true heart. The gifted, who made a strong swirl in the castle, appeared again in the last four endings. What is the reason why the gifted student who disappeared the trace came to Kim Joo-young again?

Kim Hye Yoon, Chan Hee, Kim Bo Ra, Kim Dong Hee, Jo Byung Kyu, Lee Ji Won, Yu Ji Jin, Song Kun Hee, who are spreading their unique colors to these lively characters. Nowadays, entrance exam is the biggest goal of the students’ life. What is the real desire of the children and what is the true genuineness of the children who are confronted with the cold reality, the story of the Castle II is going to be drawn more interestingly.

On the other hand, netizens use various SNS and portal sites to say, “Kim Hye-yoon was really good at Yonsei Station,” and “actors in sky Castle are good at acting. 1 hour is so hooked that immersion is not a joke. ”

‘SKY Castle’ every Friday and Saturday night at 11 o’clock JTBC.

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