Actor Kim Hye-yun transforms into a heroine who is bouncing through the MBC’s new tree mini-series ‘One Day Found.’

In September, MBC’s new tree mini-series ‘Badly Discovered One Day’ (played by Lee Ji-hye, Song Ha-young / Director Kim Sang-hyeop / Produced by MBC, Lae Mong Lain) released Kim Hye-yoon’s first still, and the pure and fresh atmosphere attracted attention. have.

‘A day discovered by chance’ is a full-blown school romance drama where high school student Eun Dao (Kim Hye-yun Boo) goes against a certain fate and achieves love. Kim Hye-yoon (Eun-Dao) and Kim-Loon (No. 13) announce an unprecedented chemistry in a unique setting and character setting, opening a new horizon for institute fantasy romance.

Kim Hye-yun will play the role of Eundan-oh, a high school girl who is a rich son. After continuing her usual life, she realizes that one day something strange happens around her and realizes that she is not a real person but a cartoon character. Since then, Eun Dan-oh’s adventures in search of his real life and love are exciting and the curiosity of exciting pounding romance unfolds.

Kim Hye-yun, who was transformed into a high school girl Eun Dan Oh, was captured in the released photos. She wears a uniform and gives off a fresh and fresh atmosphere, brightening the surroundings, and boasting a sweet and eloquent synchro rate with a distinctive look and a strong smile. Indeed, Kim Hye-yun is not satisfied with the given life and is focusing on how to express the girl crush high school girl Eun-Dan with her own color.

Kim Hye-yun, naturally melted into the character with his youthful charm, heralds the birth of a new concept cartoon character. Indeed, Kim Hye-yun raises expectations for what kind of colorful charms will captivate viewers.

MBH’s new tree mini-series ‘Hot Finding One Day’, which will transform Kim Hye-yun into a lovely cartoon character, will be broadcast for the first time in September.

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