KBS 2TV’s new tree drama ‘When Camellia Blossoms Peel’ (played by Sang-Chun Choi, director Cha Young-hoon, production fan entertainment) is a bombing type of Hon Yong-sik Hwang, who is awakened by prejudiced beasts of camellia with unconditional support and support, “If you love me!” romance. In addition, the people around camellia and Yong-gu are a close life-oriented politics of romance.

The main script practice at the KBS Annex in May included major actors such as Cha Young-hoon and Sang-chun Choi, as well as Gong Hyo-jin, Kang Ha-neul, Kim Ji-seok, Oh Jung-se, Yeom Hye-ran, Son Dam-bi, Ji Soo, child actor Kim Kang-hoon, and Go Doo-sim. Jeon Bae-soo, Kim Sun-young, as well as Kim Mi-hwa, Lee Sun-hee, Lee Sang-yi, Lee Kyu-sung, Kwon Oh-jun, Park Yeon-woo, and Kim Moa were also mobilized to reminiscent of the shooting.

In addition, the making video of Chemi’s acting chemistry is unveiled, adding to the expectation of ‘the time of camellia flowers’ that will give laughter, romance, and emotions from people.

First, Gong Hyojin was an unnamed rococo queen. I have never been loved properly, but if anyone knows, I have to make love with the camellia. Kang Han-seol of Hwang Yong-sik, a straight confession machine straight, caught everyone’s mind with the sexy charm of ‘Chonme Fatal’, which is coming into the hook. Above all, the two actors are chemistry whose first breath is colorless, and they expect a warm and pleasant bombardment romance that will color the home theater this fall.

Kim Ji-suk of the star baseball player Kang Jong-ryol, Ji-soo couple of the SNS star Jessica, and Oh Jung-se of the Ongsan ‘士 (사자 자)’ optician Noh Kyu-tae and Yeom Hye-ran of the lawyer Hong Ja-young also did not fall behind. The love and war between the lumpstargram and the Southstargram have been shown to double the real fun of the real couple.

In addition, alley family members, who are the head of the Ongsan crab alley and the pit of Yongsuk’s mother Deok-soon, Kim Sun-young, Kim Mi-hwa, Lee Sun-hee, and Kim Mo-a to the dispatcher’s dispatcher, veteran actors are treated with delicious metabolism. Added to the laughter. In addition, Son Dambi played a part-time job as a part-time worker that Camellia hired to give this alley a fascinating vitality.

The script practice was finished as if we were faced with a bombardment of laughter and romance. All the actors said, “I was more immersed by listening to the scripts that I saw only in the script. I don’t doubt it’ll be a fun drama. ” In particular, Gong Hyo-jin said, “The fun part was me too, and the part that I didn’t think was so funny that I couldn’t speak. It’s going to be a drama that warms the hearts of adults who are tired of their daily life.”

Cha Young-hoon said, “After watching camellia flowers, I would like to call my hometown mom, remember my old love, and will do my best to present such a drama where my heart can be moist and fall asleep.” It will be broadcasted on KBS 2TV in September.

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