Distributor CJ Entertainment released ‘Press Steel’ along with the release date of ‘ “Girl Cops” ‘ on May 8th as May 9th.

“Girl Cops” is an unofficial investigation of Crushy Combi, a group of sexually assaulted criminals who have been uploaded for 48 hours and are trying to look into the case of abandoning the police. A digital action crime scene that is pervasive in modern society will be presented with a cool action action and a thrilling sensation.

The public steel cut includes the appearance of Lamirang and Lee Sung Kyung turned into figures. She was a detective of a former legend who was a big fan of the female criminal gang in the 1990s.

In the past, MiYoung, who is wearing leather jumper and rushing to the top of his head, smiles when he is confronted with the appearance of MiYoung, who is now the chief minister of the civil service office.

On the other hand, a homicide detective wisdom (Lee Sung-kyung) who has been subjected to an after-accident disciplinary punishment with extreme passion is pushed to a complaint room with a miserable relationship, and there he finds a clue to a digital sex crime incident.

When all the departments in the police do not investigate because of complicated procedures, the wisdom armed with the desire to wake up the suspicious investigative instincts and the hot enthusiasm goes into unofficial investigation.

The beauty of Crushy Combi is that he is struggling to fit in with his wisdom to run around in the electric wheel and his wit, the car chase of a spirited expression and the Hawaiian shirt.

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