In ‘Mighty Little TV V2’ (directed by Park Jin-kyung, Gwonhae Spring, hereinafter referred to as ‘Maritel V2’), which is broadcasted at 9:50 pm on Friday the 12th, the Yano Shiho will show ‘beauty class’ How to live a beautiful life is revealed.

Yoono Shiho – Hong Jin Young – Aizu Won Lee Chae Yeon – Naha Eun – psychology detective Hwang Sang Min, who appeared in the marital mansion this week, will be introducing a new content broadcast as a new Marithel family. They are going to show their fervor to the fateful community collecting the amount of goal donation decided by the ‘master of the house’.

Yano Shiho, who has been called as the wife of Chu Sung-hun, has opened a beauty class with his career as a top model for 20 years. She emphasizes inner beauty beyond simple outward beauty and tells her how to find the true beauty of life.

Yano Shiho who showed solid figure by yoga wear of mint color tank top. For her, ‘Marithel V2’ attracted attention with the simultaneous interpreter for the first time in the program. The interpreter plans to act as an unexpected new starter, interpreting the Japanese language after the Japanese language of Yano Shiho, and being praised as “one-word interpretation broadcast”.

Especially, the ‘youngest daughter of the owner of the marithel mansion called’ Chetki ‘is reported to have played the yoga competition with the interpreter in the Yoga classroom of Yano Shiho, raising curiosity.

After completing the yoga posture of Yano Shiho, he fell down on one side and got the nickname “Eugene of Pisa”. After that, the interpreter came to participate in the yoga lesson in viewers’ request. Therefore, Anjojin and the interpreter are confronted with each other and eventually confront each other.

Above all, Yano Shiho is said to have admired the storm in the posture of one of the two anjinjin and interpreter, saying, “Woo is beautiful,” during yoga class. Indeed, the person who received the praise of “Yoga Shiho-sensei” storm stimulates curiosity.

Meanwhile, this week ‘Marithel V2’, which is launching new content with new families, is expected to explode with passion for colorful smiles and donations. ‘Marithel V2’ is collecting donations through cooperation other than season one. With the arrival of new Marithel families this week, they are wondering if they can achieve the donation target amount and escape from the mansions safely.

Meanwhile, ‘Maritel V2’, which is a brilliant comeback with the ‘youngest daughter of the owner of Marithel Estate’, Ahn Ji Jin, is broadcasted at 9:50 pm every Friday night.

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