The subheading, which was established as an official franchise film, emphasizes the distinction from previous works and reinforces the story. In the third story of the franchise film ‘Tazza’ that reminds me of Chuseok, I am also interested in the meaning of the subtitle ‘One Eyed Jack’. ‘Tazza: One Eyed Jack’ is an all-in-one movie where a bunch of tazai gathered to receive a life-changing card ‘One Eyed Jack’.

Of the 52 cards used in poker, there are four ‘J’ cards. Two of them are clover or diamond-shaped, with two eyes in front of the picture, while the other two with spade or heart-shaped faces are in one eye. ‘to be. It is this ‘one eyed jack’ card, which is mainly used as a wild card during poker games, and when it is designated as wild card, it has unlimited freedom and power to be anything from then on. Thus, the subtitle of the movie ‘One Eyed Jack’ is an invincible card that can be anything with only two of the 52 cards and that anyone can win.

Also, ‘One Eyed Jack’ also symbolizes the character ‘Aku’ (Ryu Seung-bum) in the movie. An invincible tackle that has never been lost to anyone, he designs a huge plate that can reverse life and brings together the nation’s tales. It is a card of opportunity for the beloved team members who give the One Eyed Jacks a chance to change lives. It also means ‘One Eyed Jack’ team members who are excited to be able to achieve what they want.

As Kwon Oh Kwang said, “’One Eyed Jack’ symbolizes our dream or expectation to be something” As a team, they enter a game that will change their lives. The “ One Eyed Jack ” team’s performance, taking the chance card on the risky poker board, will make the audience entertaining fun.

The film ‘Tazza: One Eyed Jack’, which is as fun as the subtitle ‘One Eyed Jack’ in various ways, will be released on September 11.

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